Friday, March 25, 2011

These are a Few of My Favorite Things!

When I like something, I really like it and the term "dog with a bone" comes to mind. I don't let things go easily and I don't forget about something when it's peaked my interest. I have been like that my whole life. I see a coat in a window display that I fancy, I dream about it, draw about it and when someone's talking to me I imagine "they'd look so much better talking to me right now if they were wearing that magnificent jacket". So with that said, here are a few of my favorite things!

1) My favorite wedding video and videographer:

Rainbows from Confetti on Vimeo.

Not a joke, I have watched Confetti Film's "Rainbow's" video a few too many times, I could probably rehearse the vows. I adore the couple, perfect style, perfect venue and the talent behind the camera is undeniably the best I have seen. It is stunning, I kind of can't handle it.

2) My favorite wedding dress designer:

Claire Pettibone - her dresses are so unique, so intricate and beautiful. The first time I saw her "Kristene" dress I felt the need to do a thousand squats to ensure my behind will look good in that hot little number. Did you notice the train? It's in the shape of a heart, lovely!

"Sky Between the Branches"




3)My favorite stationary: This one was hard - as couples get more and more creative, I am seeing lots of superb, out-of-the-box wedding stationary suites handcrafted by themselves. If you're not one to craft, I adore the Little Bit of Heart website for vintage and whimsical stationary.

4) My favorite hair? Oh this is a TOUGH one. First of all, I am a hair girl, my hair looks different almost every day so I don't really have a signature look. I do naturally gravitate towards pictures of blonde, messier styles, as that's what I would see myself in. Now, this one was featured on a fellow wedding site the other day and I fell in love with it. I do often sport a braid in my hair somewhere, but had never thought of just doing this one big magical braid across the back. So pretty! And this would work with all sorts of hair colours, types as well as accessories and veils.

5) Favorite bridesmaid dresses: Okay, I am cheating, just a little bit. I cannot pick just one from this site, so I am going to pick a line of bridesmaid dresses that I would shriek from happiness to be able to wear. BHLDN is Anthropologie's new bridal line and it is gorgeous! Unique, vintage, and definitely wearable again, your girls won't mind being in one of these!

"Savoy" $220

"Coral and Sand Tube" $300

"Starburst Pleated Shift" $200

Thursday, March 17, 2011

For Japan With Love

Tomorrow I will be joining my fellow bloggers in a day of silence to remember those victims in Japan who have lost everything in this past weeks unimaginable tragedies. Our hearts are with you. Please donate what you can and spend time with those you love for those who cannot.


Luck of The Irish

Picking a lucky wedding day is pretty much the ONLY reason I would personally ever have a St. Patrick's Day wedding, and even that would never be enough to convince me. I like different, but I am not a fan of using your wedding day to stock up on four leaf clover garland at the dollar store and make a mockery of such an important life event. This being said - I know there are people who do choose holidays for their wedding, and this is okay too, but having the holiday as an accent and not front and centre is the key to pulling this one off.

I have taken this opportunity to show you some beautiful pieces to accent a green wedding, but maybe why you wouldn't want to have an all green wedding day. I don't know, I am not a fan of the palette below, but rather pieces within it. The Vera Wang wedding gown in the top left corner? Wow. I love Vera Wang and as soon as I saw this hot little number, I knew she must be the mastermind behind it. I love her whimsical, fluffy tulle dresses, and that she makes hers in a few different shades, light green, light peach. I will never give up my white or ivory dress, but absolutely adore seeing them on brides. So fun!

Whatever you choose, just make sure your wedding day is true to yourself, timeless and something you know you'll look back on in fifty years and still think it was the most beautiful day of your life.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Say yes to the...Shoe?

Hello all my lovely lovers - I asked a good friend of mine, Danielle of Death by Shoe to guest blog on my site. As one of my favorite bloggers and also one of my every-so-often subjects (you may recognize her from a few of my posts!) there's no one I would rather have here as a guest.

Enjoy, and make sure to follow her quirky and cute antics on her
blog Death By Shoe.

When it came to picking out my wedding day ensemble I must admit, I spent more time choosing my shoes than I did my dress. The way I see it, a wedding shoe is something you can wear over and over again to re-live that special day and it’s a great way for a bride to showcase her personality.

In my case I decided to go with a blue satin Louboutin as my something blue. To this day I still get butterflies when I look at them and only wear them on very special occasions.

(Photo by Shutterbird Photography)

For all you brides out there my wedding day shoe advice would be to go with something that truly mirrors your personality. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive shoe on the block but it should be something you love, feel comfortable in, and want to wear in your sleep!

Here are a few of my wedding day picks!

1. Giuseppe Zanotti, $750.00
2. BCBG, $198.00
3. BCBG, $195.00
4. Nine West, $120.00
5. Alexander McQueen, $995.00

1. Steve Madden, $129.95
2. Kate Spade, $298.00
3. Miu Miu, $595.00
4. H Williams, $357.50
5. Miu Miu, $485.00



Monday, March 14, 2011

Pig Trees

Pig trees. By definition of my sisters and I, they are the common cherry blossom tree. They captivated us on a trip out west to Vancouver when we were younger, we had never seen such a beautiful sapling. Growing up in Calgary we have coniferous trees and the dreaded Poplar which sheds it's despicable sticky seedlings all over the ground each year. The fluffy pick and white blossoms blowing in the wind were so breathtaking. They instantly were one of my very favorite highlights of the city I was blessed to call home for a few short years. I even have permanently and painfully added them to my tattoo collection.

Along with great vehicles, TV's and sushi, we have the beautiful country of Japan to thank for our trees here in Canada (you can read about the history of the trees gifted to us here). Japan this week has suffered one of their worst disasters in history with the 8.9 earthquake and the tsunami that followed. The images are heart wrenching and unbelievable. The Japanese are proud and beautiful people and we have watched as they deal with this horrific occurrence with grace and calmness. It's really hard to think of anything but them at this time.

The Japanese national treasure, the Sakura, makes for a gorgeous starting point for colours and florals for a wedding. They are soft and pretty and can be combined with several accent colours to create a very vivid look, or a softer, feminine feel. However you use them, make sure you whisper a little "thank you" to beautiful Japan for giving us something so stunning.