Friday, October 2, 2009

The Last Night Out

Before my friends started getting married, the last night out, whether it is a stag or a stagette, I had pre-conceived notions what this event was all about. Movies and shows definitely don't do these parties any favors either. My first stagette was a mere 3 months ago and I was ecstatic to be invited to Stacey's Moulin Rouge themed stagette. I love dressing up and any time I have an excuse to do so I go to town on an outfit, my friends can all vouch for this. I loved the idea of this theme, as I love pin up art and the era that this evening would be based on. Feathers, fishnets, glitter, glamour, corsets and pin-curls were everywhere. We began at Stacey's house, which was all a surprise for her, and the group of girls was a mixed bunch, some of which I'd known for years, some newer faces and family members, but we were all in it for the same thing, for Stacey and to make sure this was the best night out! Stacey was totally shocked, and was gorgeous in her black and white Moulin Rouge get-up. The girls and I all had a blast in a stretch SUV limo going from bar to bar, playing games, sipping champagne and indulging in some "live entertainment". I can definitely say it was a bonding experience for all of us which was really nice to have before Stacey and Brian's big day. I finally "got" this big night out and everything it meant, to the bride and to all of us that were there to see her walk down the aisle.

The next stagette was for our dear Danielle, and her stagette was Sex in the City themed. I thought this was perfect for Din, I could totally see her living in New York, maybe in the fashion industry. She loves shoes and had these to-die-for peacock blue Christian Louboutin's she wore on her wedding. Yes, Sex in the City was perfect. Din is adored by everyone who has known her for 15 years or 15 minutes, she's a gem of a human being and one of the best people I know, so the group was massive enough to fit on a bus! Fabulous shoes, make-up and attire accompanied all twenty-some-odd girls around to several bars and pubs after wining and dining at one of the girls houses. My masterpiece for this evening was my first attempt at being a cake master including a frozen butter cream transfer, striped zebra vanilla and chocolate cake, and fondant covering both layers, I think it was a hit. I really think that this idea of trouble making and mischievousness before your wedding day is blown way out of proportion and I now know that these big nights are so important and special, especially when there is a large group of people that have never met each other, it really loosens things up for the actual big day.

Our most recent big night out was actually something my best girlfriends and I came up with, and we named it the Staglerette. This is a hybrid of a stag and a bachelorette party, where it is a mixed sexes night out. Like I have mentioned before, Steve is one of our best friends, so is Brian, but it left us feeling a bit left out that we could not celebrate with them on their joint stag night, so we took the boys out as a surprise to a duelling piano bar, Aussie Rules. There was an even number of girls to guys and I must say, the night was an absolute success, the boys were surprised and we all had an amazing night out. Steve also didn't leave his bed for about 24 hours, sorry Din!

I am the kind of girl that judges things that are unknown to me, one of them being the bachelor and bachelorette parties and all that came with them. I actually thought they were not the best idea after hearing so many horror stories, but now after being to three in the past three months my mind has completely changed, I think they are absolutely necessary to bond friends, old and new and to let loose during a time where the soon to be bride and groom may need to blow off some steam. When the business is up and running I most definitely want to be able to accommodate those who need help putting together their big night out, I'm always down for a good party!

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