Wednesday, June 9, 2010

For The Love of Etsy!

There is a website, and it deserves a whole blog post of it's own. Her name is Etsy and she is a gift to all those D.I.Y. brides that can't actually D.I.Y.

Let's face it, eco-friendly, economically smart, homemade weddings are in, but not everyone has crafty bones in their bodies. For those of us that do - Etsy is painful to spend money on, knowing you could likely make a lot of the stuff yourself *if* you ever found the time. And then for those of us that are not so crafty, it is a godsend. is what I like to describe as an online craft fair. Thousands of artists selling their wares, and the great part is you can find pretty much everything!

You could literally buy everything, from invitations:

To hair fascinators:

To the flower girl dress:

Custom monograms for floors, windows or mirrors:

Ring bearer pillows:

...and the cake topper:

Etsy has it all! It's great for brides that really have a clear vision or theme, colours, etc. because of the search tool on the website allows you to find precisely what you need. Not only that - by purchasing these handcrafted items you are helping stay at home moms, struggling artists and even young kids trying to earn their way to college, and are supporting something bigger than those mass produced wedding products.


  1. Isn't Etsy fantastic?! You can buy literally anything from their amazing group of sellers. For antique engagement rings, we have a great Etsy shop! Visit!

  2. Oooh - Edwardian/Antique/Art Deco engagement rings are my very favorite! I already sent the boyfriend a link of yours!