Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dress Rehearsal

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As much as people say cliché things like “it’s not about the wedding, it’s about the marriage” et al, really, if you have chosen to have a wedding, white dress, cake and music, the dress actually is one of the centerpieces of the big day. There are a few big things to keep in mind when wedding dress shopping.

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I PVR literally every episode of Say Yes to The Dress, whether they are reruns or not, as I just adore the team that works at Kleinfeld’s, they are truly masters in the business. I have learned a lot about dresses, designers, price tags, people and their bargaining ways, alterations and the do’s and don’ts at bridal salons and just some basic etiquette.

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Tip one – don’t expect your perfect dress to be off the rack. Plan for it to require ordering, this can take 6 months, and it does vary by store, then alterations and fittings once the dress arrives. If you wait until the last minute you will be charged for rush ordering.

Tip two – NEVER buy a dress that is way too small in hopes of losing weight. Unless you know a tried and true way to shed those pounds this is too risky and taking a dress in is less expensive and less destructive to the design of the dress than letting a dress out if you do not lose the weight. I was appalled recently at a bridal store here in town telling one of my brides to get the smaller size as she’ll lose the weight. No one knows this for sure and I thought of it as a very unprofessional suggestion. Also, pay no attention the numbered size on the dress – if you look and feel spectacular in the dress then that is the one – don’t fuss over whether it is a larger or smaller size than what you normally wear.

Tip three – I usually tell a bride to know the vision, theme and hopefully the venue to make sure the dress fits this overall theme. A ball-gown dress doesn’t really suit a wedding in a rustic barn.

Tip four - Have some kind of idea what you would like to look at. Neckline, hemline, colour, fabric, intricate or traditional, give something for the consultant to go on or you will be trying on the dresses all day, and they are a LOT of work to get in and out of.

Tip five - Never go into a bridal salon after the gym, after a night on the town, or when you are recovering for the flu. Try and look decent for this big occasion, maybe do your hair nice, put on some make-up and bring a pair of shoes similar to the one’s you are thinking of for your big day. It’s hard to visualize what you will really look like in that dress if you could be mistaken for Courtney Love.

Isn't Randy just the cutest thing!? I think it's a keeper!

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