Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's All in the Details

Deb and Barrett - Part Two

I am going to let the pictures do the talking in this post, so just a few words to explain the overall feel and theme of the day. The bride was adamant, as she should have been, that she wanted a gorgeous wedding despite the short timeline and limited budget. When I brought them their wedding outline, I had also created a colour palette for them to peruse. I was elated when they loved everything about the navy, fuchsia and white scheme I had drawn up for them. I have always wanted to combine these colours for a preppy chic look and was so excited to get to work on this one! The dollar store was my best friend, and I was dead set on the centerpieces being a "cluster" format - high impact, low price. Their day turned out so beautifully, it was a wedding I was so proud of, a lot of work but well worth their reaction!

A huge thank you goes to Chelsea of Shutterbird Photography for all the amazing images, as usual, they are spectacular and as unique as the couple!

For table runners, we rented organza chair sashes at $2.50 a piece. The table numbers we created on a photo machine at Superstore using their engagement photo's and superimposing the numbers onto them using the font application on the machine. Frames were purchased at a dollar sore for $2.00. The mirrored candle holders were also purchased at the dollar store for $3.00 a piece. Proof that if you are crafty enough, you don't have to spend ridiculous amounts on the smaller items involved in the reception.

Ring shot on the bottom of a wine glass

Absolutely stunning views of the valley and gorgeous giant bouquets by Iterante

Card box created by yours truly, from a box, scrapbook paper, and a few scrapbooking decals and lettering, photo guest booked also created by myself on Shutterfly, using their beautiful engagement photos.

As the sun set outside and the room dimmed - all the candles in the room really created a gorgeous glow.

One blossomed fuchsia rose at each place setting.

The centerpieces were what I call "cluster" format, in that each table had different sizes and styles of vases with petals or full blooms of fuchsia roses and floating candles. Many times brides get hung up on each table looking precisely the same, but doing this, having them coordinated but not matching creates an interesting look as well. Between the glass jars, which I already had, and some were borrowed, floating candles and wholesale roses, each centerpiece cost about $10, and looked absolutely beautiful

Their mini wedding cake with fresh irises and roses made by Allison LaFrance of Siraia at Sirocco .

A close-up of the stunning bouquets by Iterante in Bankers Hall. These bouquets weighed around 50-60 pounds - I know, I re-arranged them several times, ha ha!

The afternoon sunlight in this room creates beautiful images like this one.

The happy couple and their colour coordinated balloons (all the way from Granville Island!).

The bouquets done by Iterante were some of the most beautiful I have ever seen.

Fuchsia flats - shoe choice of a smart bride!

Because the engagement was so short, the bride had to buy "off the rack" and I believe this was only the 2nd dress she tried on, but we all knew it was the one! She looked amazing in it!

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