Monday, June 20, 2011

Update on Urban

So as it appears, I have either lost complete interest in blogging - or I have been so busy that blogging has fallen low on my priority list. I ensure you it is the second option. Life has been absolutely crazy busy the past month. I am a person that does beyond weddings, even though I may not chat about it here, so I will fill you in on all the fun happening the past month!

The end of May I helped plan and organize, with the help of three other lovely ladies, a beautiful shower for one of my best friends, Ashley. It is so much fun planning for something so exciting and I think the day turned out perfectly, and the beautiful mommy-to-be was glowing. We picked a few main colours, dark purple and buttermilk yellow to go along with the baby girls nursery colours.

I am a volunteer event coordinator with a local dog rescue, AARCS and spent the past 5 months planning their first ever golf tournament with fellow AARCS wonder woman, Paula. It was my first time doing a not-for-profit event and was a lot more work than I initially thought it would be, but at the end of the day (being the end of the tournament day, June 6th) it was very successful. Everyone had a great time, the rain stayed away and the dogs got some much needed funding for medical bills.

The following weekend, for the second time, I was riding in the Rona MS Bike Tour. This year was very challenging, with torrential rains and gusting winds, the already difficult 180km "uphill, both ways" bike ride was not only physically but mentally very hard. I rode with a team of 23 from my work and we raised over $40,000! So, again, a lot of work but for a wonderful cause!

This coming weekend has been one in the works for months as well. I absolutely cannot express how thrilled I am that this will be my biggest and most exciting event I have been a part of. Cirque du Manique is a dark, circus themed fashion show with surprises around every corner. Portions of ticket sales are benefiting the Red Cross in aid for the Tsunami ravaged country of Japan. We have a live local singer, Dana Kolba (her music can be heard here), dancers from Pulse Studio, a real live fortune teller, old-school circus freak show living models, carnival goodies, tapas delights and cotton candy filled boozy delights. There are still limited tickets available so get them while you can!

And just when you think that was the wind-down for all of my events, the most important yearly holiday is coming up July 3rd, and that would be Brookie's 6th birthday. One thing she'll never have to worry about is having a boring birthday, this years theme? Unicorns.

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