Monday, June 22, 2009

The Anti-Bridezilla

I met with Erin after work one day at Starbucks, she works at the same company as me and volunteered her fiance, Cliff and herself to be one of the couples I help coordinate this year. She is a very laid back bride-to-be, she wasn't even 100% on the date yet.

Erin and Cliff have been dating for almost 11 years, and are the same age as me, so yes, they are Junior High sweethearts, which I think is so awesome, they have grown up together, and probably know each other better than they know anyone else. Even before I met up with her, I got a great reading on Erin's personality...she reminds me of me, that's why I like her, ha ha! No, but seriously, she is very easy going, and by the sounds of it so is the lucky guy. She basically said, "he doesn't really do pink" and that was about it.

Like me, her most important expense is photography. I am a true believer that after the day is over, after the months of anticipation, time and expense, the pictures are the one material thing you have to look back on your day. Cheap out on shoes (ducking for cover from you shoe-a-holics out there!), do your own make-up, but make sure you do your research on a great photographer.

When I meet a couple I want a vision. I need to know a look, theme, colour, something about what the couple is aiming for. When I asked this of Erin she told me they were thinking chocolate browns and apple greens. Yes! I love this colour combo, and has been one of the schemes I have thought of for my own imaginary wedding. It's modern, clean and stylish. It's natural, yet super chic. Eco-chic! But yes, this made me a happy wedding planner. I got home that night and worked on their palette. For flowers she mentioned calla lilies and orchids, again, my favorites. The centrepieces we discussed were possibly going to involve live fish. Love it. Donations toward charity in lieu of favors, I will most likely do this at mine too. People spend hundreds of dollars these days toward favors, and half of them get left behind, the other half, thrown out, why not just put it towards something that is meaningful towards the couple.
Back to the anti-bridezilla thing...we still are unsure of a solid date...or place. But we have some beautiful locations in mind, until then, we'll work off the palette I created for this young, modern and laid back couple.

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  1. Very nice! I also love this palette (shocking as it is so similar to my own wedding...ha!). Can I say AGAIN how envious I am that you actually have real clients? I have to get my butt in gear, don't I? Nice job!