Saturday, June 6, 2009

An Exciting Week

Mid-week, I had to complete an assignment for school, which made me cranky as I was not in a scholarly mood that day. I locked myself if our room and pounded out what I thought was an alright effort for someone just wanting to watch So You Think You Can Dance.
One of the parts of this assignment was to come up with an outcome from this course, something measurable, within a years time. My last instructor suggested I start building my portfolio, and to do so, volunteer my services for weddings. I am not one to do things half-way, so I knew that by doing so, I would be committing a lot of volunteer work this year, but all in the name of weddings, so that was more than okay with me. My measurable outcome was to have a complete portfolio and business plan by next summer.

The next day at work, I took a 3 minute break to post something on the company buy and sell. It stated that I required a few willing newly engaged couples to hire me on for free as their wedding consultant, thinking I might have a few bites by the weekend. Within 10 minutes I had three brides! Erin, Amanda and Jaclyn are my three first lucky stars and I am thrilled they are trusting me with their weddings. All three have very different needs and ideas, but I will be there for each of them 100%. I meet with my first couple, Jaclyn and Shawn tomorrow (and possibly the moms! Yay! I love moms!) all the way from Saskatchewan. They will be married October 31st, 2009 in Calgary and I am so ecstatic to get some ideas and brainstorming sessions in!

Secondly, my wonderfully talented Josh spent a good part of his week designing my logo, and we played around with it quite a bit last night. This part is very important to me as I am a visually sparked individual, as are many people and a bad logo is bad news, but from what he's shown me I will love the outcome. I spent my time after that doing market research, business card designing and government website reading on starting a small business. My goal is to have the business official by next August.

Things are slowly coming together, and I couldn't be more happy!

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