Thursday, August 20, 2009

Danielle's Garden Party Shower

A few years ago, one of my very best friends fell in love. Steve and Danielle met at the Calgary Stampede so already I liked the beginning of their love story!

Growing up with all sisters, I always begged my parents for a brother. I would bring guy friends home that at the time may have been fighting with their parents and would say "um, so can we adopt him?". The answer, to my surprise, would always be no. Years went by and in high school I met a group of rather fun and surprisingly caring guys. I am still good friends with all of them and consider Steve, one of my best friends, the brother my parents never allowed me to have. When you know someone really well, and are so close to them you become protective of them, and only want the best for them, and I can honestly say that Steve found that person (I might even like her more than him, ha ha!).

Danielle and I took Latin aerobics together often at lunch, so we got to know each other without Steve being around with I think is always imperative to get to know the real person. Before I met her the other boys said "she is like Steve, in girl form", that thought scared me a bit, but she really is! She is funny and awesome, and very caring to all her close friends. She puts every piece of her into special events and gatherings for others and doesn't skip a minor detail. I was absolutely ecstatic when Steve told me he had proposed, and so...the crazy wedding planning began.

Danielle has done a wonderful job of planning details of decorations, the outfits of the entire bridal party, the photographer, the hair, the flowers, everything. I think like a lot of brides she would be a little sad after the wedding is done and over...but she'll be too busy gallivanting around Europe on her honeymoon to think of that.

Part of me understood where Danielle got her awesome personality from and that is her mom Val, who is so fun, energetic and sweet. Her and I discussed over several emails about little details for the shower, her backyard being ready for the day, the hundreds of little flowers she planted, the food, the invitations and those paper flower puffballs that I am a big fan of (thanks Martha Stewart, you are my hero!).

I think the day was perfect, sunny and bright, just like the beautiful bride to be. September 19th can not get here soon enough!

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