Friday, November 5, 2010

FRD - Autumn Perfection - Lisa and Danny

Oh do I ever have some eye candy for you guys! A great looking couple and an absolutely perfect wedding, stunning colours, beautiful setting, and photo's by Olivia Lauren that yes, Lisa, your daughter will fawn over without a doubt.

Lisa and I went to St. Francis High School together and I still see her around town quite often so I am so excited to share their big day with everyone. When she first posted pictures I was so excited to go through them that I went checked them out first on my iPhone since I wasn't at home (a shattered iPhone at that) and let me tell you, that did not do them justice. The red dresses are my favorite bridesmaid dresses I have seen to date, as the colour is like candy apples and the actual style looks gorgeous on all the girls. Lisa looked stunning, so classic, the hair, the little sparkly clip - no details were overlooked.

All the best in your new life together Lisa and Danny!
P.S. The proposal story? Amazing.

Lisa and Danny, September 25th 2010

Overall Feel For the Wedding:
-Ever since I was a little girl pouring over my parents photographs of their wedding, I’ve always had the picture in my head of a classic Fall wedding, complete with bright rich colors of reds, oranges, and greens, combined with the more classic rustic colors of bronze and gold. The dresses, the flowers, the pew decorations, even the wedding cake and the favour bags all consisted of a fall theme, which (in my opinion) made for some amazing pictures that I can hope my own daughter will fawn over one day!
How we met
Danny and I met the unconventional, but all the more common way, via online dating. I was currently away at school in Lethbridge but knew I would be moving home in the upcoming months and was looking to expand my social circle and to meet new people. I didn't have any expectations about meeting someone I would actually consider dating (let alone marrying!) but I thought if I could make a few new friends and possibly go out on a couple of dates, why not give it a go? Little did I know I would wind up meeting the man I would spend the rest of my life with...thank you,!

The Proposal:
We were on a Caribbean cruise in the winter of 2009 when the weather turned sour. We were especially upset that we were unable to dock in Jamaica, Danny more so than I. He pouted the entire day, and I didn’t understand why until we were in our stateroom getting ready for dinner. Danny, being the quiet country soul that he is, was singing along to the ipod to a Dirks Bently song, “My Last Name.” He was dressed in his tux for dinner, and when the line of the song came up, “darling if you’re wondering, why I brought you here tonight, I want to be your husband, I want you to be my wife...” He got down on one knee and pulled out the ring of my dreams!! He had been planning on proposing on top of a waterfall in Jamaica, but I think this improvisation was so much better!

Wedding Drama:
We had quite a bit of wedding drama, but thankfully it all came about long before the wedding. We ordered the bridesmaid dresses via the world wide web, and it turned out the color swatch (which we had checked in the store before ordering) was about 5 shades different than the one I had wanted! To top that off, one of the girls could barely even get hers on, as it was definitely not in the size she had ordered! Thankfully, the dress was alterable, and I was still able to change my linens to compliment the colors of the dresses. It turned out bright red of the girls dresses was a blessing, as they look amazing in all the pictures, but it was definitely a lot of drama we did not need!
Then there was MY wedding dress. I went to get it altered, and it turned out the lady who had ordered it measured me wrong, and the hem of the dress was about 6 inches off the floor! I had already bought my wedding shoes, and it turned out I had to go and buy a new pair as I couldn’t have a very high heel! After 2 consultations and a lot of freaking out, the seamstress was able to rip out the inseam to make it longer, but it took a lot of creative thinking in order to avoid a major bridezilla meltdown. I also couldn’t find a white wedding shoe that I liked, so 2 days before the wedding I decided to go with a bright red shoe to compliment the girls’ dresses. Alls well that ends well, no?

Church: Ascension Parish
Reception: Calgary Winter Club
Formal Photo’s location: Confederation Park
Photographer: Olivia Lauren Photography
Linen: Exquisite Events/ Great Events Group
Dress: Bridal Centre
Florist: Petals N Blooms
Shoes: Browns
Cake: Cakery Bakery
DJ: First Entertainment DJ

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